Welcome to EI Experience’s Online Training Platform

EI Experience is more than a leadership development and corporate training company specializing in emotional intelligence. We deliver an experience that your team will remember and an impact that stays with them well beyond the training session.  

Yes, we do create exceptional leaders, who, in turn, achieve outstanding results through unparalleled innovation, solid fiscal performance, and exceptional teams. However, the work we do extends far beyond the four walls of the business, improving employees' lives as well as their skills.

People with a strong, well-balanced EI enjoy better relationships both inside and out of the workplace.  Happier, healthier, families mean you benefit from more committed employees delivering a higher quality of work and more of it.

Emotional intelligence is the magic ingredient that turns bland, underperforming departments into happy, confident, productive, collaborative and successful teams. We know firsthand that EI is the key to unlocking true human potential - your own potential as a leader, and the full potential of your team, both as individuals and as a unit.

Our virtual programs provide online video lessons and a myriad of learning resources including exercises, assessments, knowledge checks, and downloadable job aids like a Get Unstuck Journal, learning guides, life learning guides and curated lists of movies, books, articles, and links to extra resources to get you started on your path to becoming the great leader you admire.