Course Description

Learning how to improve self-perception will help you gain awareness of how you perceive yourself and how well you present yourself to others. This helps by positively affecting how you conduct yourself in personal and business relationships and makes you more aware of your impact on others.

Over six video lessons, this program covers self-regard, self-actualization, and emotional self-awareness.  You will learn how to improve how you feel about yourself, how fulfilled you are in your life, and how aware you are of your emotions.

This course comes with exercises, activities, and reflection pieces to help you identify and practice ways to enhance each competency within the self-perception composite scale. This program identifies the competencies that impact your confidence, fulfillment and emotional awareness as a leader.

Minor Program 2 Overview

Learning to enhance your self-regard, self-actualization, and emotional self-awareness is critically important as it impacts how confident and self-assured you are as a leader, how fulfilled you are in your job, and how aware you are of your emotions throughout your day which can impact how you perform.  This course will show you how.

Learning Objectives

  • Recognize factors limiting your self-regard and learn how to challenge your negative self-talk and beliefs.
  • Figure out where you are unfulfilled in your work and life and discover ways to inject more enjoyment into your life.
  • Gain an understanding of how enhancing your self-actualization will enable you to be more creative, innovative and open-minded in the workplace.
  • Analyze the differences between your emotional self-awareness and how others perceive you.
  • Build the ability to identify your emotions and comprehend the meaning behind them.

Carolyn Stern

Carolyn Stern is the President and CEO of EI Experience - an executive leadership development and emotional intelligence training firm. She is a certified Emotional Intelligence and Leadership Development Expert, professional speaker and university professor.

Stern's emotional intelligence courses and modules have been adopted by top universities in North America. She has also provided comprehensive training programs to business leaders across the continent in highly regarded corporations encompassing industries such as technology, finance, manufacturing, advertising, education, healthcare, government, and food service.